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About Us

Established in 1998, Danem has swiftly grown into a leading Engineering, Construction and Project Management company with sizable operartions in the Arabian Gulf and Middle East region. Danem has played a prominent role in the development of Oil & Gas sector in the region over the past decade based on extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry.

The company's diverse portfolio encompasses Oil & Gas, Power, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Steel and Aluminium. It is currently engaged in projects ranging from Refineries to Fertilizers, from Aluminium Smelter and Steel to Power Generation and Desalination, and from Petrochemicals to Oil & Gas Production.

Danem has a proven track record of executing projects of massive proportion and challenging nature. We bring an unrivaled combination of knowledge and skills, experience and expertise, commitment and dedication to every project. Our commitment to cardinal business ethics and corporate compliance has enabled us to deliver the highest quality of work with stipulated time frame.

Over the years, Danem has built a strong reputation for quality, reliability and commitment. Its products and services are recognized as world class and on par with the best in the industry. Projecting a complete project-based approach right from the commencement to the completion and final handover of projects, Danem ensures every stage of a project is completed with utmost sustainability.

Danem's widely varied clientele which includes renowned Multinational Corporations, Government  Agencies and Private Corporate Clients are solid evidence of the company's outstanding professionalism and capability to handle projects of virtually any magnitude

We are continually enhancing our performance and efficiency through innovation of our systems, standardisation of our expertise by following latest engineering technology and strict adherence to our core values.


Danem strives for a synergy between engineering, systems and human resources to offer products and services that meet quality, performance and economy. At the same time maintain highest standards of ethics and social responsibility.

Corporate Values

Danem’s business culture is deeply rooted in its firm conviction in the progress and prosperity of the entirety. Our philosophy is simple: Endeavoring for Collective Good in each of our pursuits. We strive to achieve this through unwavering adherence to our core corporate values.

Honesty, uncompromising integrity, adherence to the highest standards of quality, devotion to commitments and mutual respect are some of our key values. Ensuring dignity, teamwork and trust, we value an inclusive culture based on diverse backgrounds, experiences and views.

Maintaining absolute safety for our workforce and for the communities in which we operate is our unwavering objective. We value people's lives over everything else.

Sustainability is a key goal in all of our pursuits. We plan and work for the long-term good of our company, employees, customers and the world we live-in.

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